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Commercial parking solution Dec 03, 2018

Because of the dense population and the relatively large mobility of vehicles, commercial centers often cause regional traffic congestion. This situation has brought a lot of inconvenience to the owner's consumer experience and comprehensive property management.

Based on the analysis of the functional requirements of various aspects of commercial parking lots, Coma proposed a set of system solutions suitable for commercial complexes based on high-tech.

Demand analysis:

1. The parking space is difficult to find, the entrance and exit are congested, the single payment method and the owner is difficult to find their car in the parking lot.

2. Difficulties in property management, high labor and equipment costs, difficulty in operation and maintenance, large man-made loopholes and poor property image.


With the management questions, Coma make a suitable project design.

1. Urban induction system

By setting up guidance screens at urban intersections, parking space changes can be displayed in real time to guide car owners to park and increase parking revenue.

2. License plate recognition rapid transit system


Import and export license plate recognition system and gate access system.

No need to take the card and stop to achieve rapid traffic, solve the problem of vehicle congestion.

3. Video parking guidance system

The combination of guiding and searching for cars, real-time understanding of the use of parking space, intuitive and clear, solve the problem of difficult parking owners.

car parking system

4.Reverse seeking system

The reverse vehicle search query machine is placed at the key position. The vehicle parking position can be inquired through the query machine or mobile phone APP. Then the vehicle can be picked up according to the optimized route of the parking lot, which is convenient and fast.

Reverse seeking system

5. Automatic payment system:

The owner of the vehicle enters the license plate number through the autonomous payment terminal installed in the elevator, confirms the parking and charging information of the vehicle according to the vehicle picture displayed by the system,  pays the parking fee by cash or card and the payment is completed. After that, the system reserves a certain time (15 minutes). During the reserved time, the driver drives out and does not need to park again to pay the fee, so he can drive out of the parking lot without stopping.

Automatic payment system

Feature for this system:

1. License plate recognition system: The license plate is automatically recognized, no parking is required, and the vehicle passes quickly.

2. Real-time inventory of vehicles: Check the registration of vehicles in the parking lot, inventory the empty parking space and improve the utilization rate of parking space.

3. Real-time data analysis according to the vehicle data analysis, timely adjust the input of manpower and equipment, increase the parking space turnover rate.

4. Autonomous payment system: multiple payment systems, convenient and fast