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Folding gate stop introduction Dec 14, 2016

A folding type road gate block rod, it main installation in underground garage or indoor parking vehicles import and export at of road gate host Shang, for control vehicles of access, it including main block rod, and Deputy block rod, main block rod of left and Deputy block rod of right end by hinge hinged, main block rod of right end and road gate host upper of power output axis fixed connection.

In lever Zuo Duanxuan then a joint, a root double head bolt sliding of level plug loaded in joint left of round hole within, double head bolt ends the connection with a linkage Board, also has a root double head bolt plug loaded in main block Rod left below of round hole within, in two block linkage Board of left end by two a short of double head bolt the even then a rod, this two a rod of bottom and a root cutting loaded in Deputy block Rod right end reinforcement Board Xia RADIUS hole within of long double head bolt of ends connection.