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Management software of COMA parking meter Apr 13, 2017

The management software of COMA parking meter can manage all the devices and staff. The modules include: system log in, city channel, system parameter setting, device parameter setting, staff register, permission setting, parking tariff setting, parking meter map, data query, report management, blacklist management, password setting, storage backup and recovery. All operations have detailed information in English, and can be adjusted according to clients requirement.

System log in

The valid account No., password and dynamic verification code should be input before log in. After log in, there will be different function granted to users based on different permission setting.

City channel

You can check the data in different cities. And if you are not the staff of local city, your permission will be restricted.

System parameter setting

The basic information of your city can be set, for example, the geographic information, space status, etc.

Parking tariff setting

Manager can set different parking tariff in different area and different time period.

Device parameter setting

The manager can set the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the parking meter and the configuration parameters

Staff registration

Setting the information of management staff authority in different area.

Setting the different staff authority level.

l COMA Parking meters map

Browse the parking meter distribution and status via map. The map can be zoom in and out. Or you can input the parking meter ID for quick location.

Data query

Provide a variety of conditional query function, based on the condition of time, parking meter ID, car plate No., etc. You can also check the illegal parking and fault status of parking meter.

Report management

Provide function of data statistics, analysis, such as the charges analysis on a year-on-year or link relative basis, and comparison and analysis of fees collection in different area, and export different reports.

Blacklist management

Add or delete the record in the blacklist.

Password setting

Re-set log in password.

Data backup and recovery.