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Residential parking solution Dec 03, 2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of family cars is increasing. Many families with 2 cars and even more. There is an increasing demand for parking spaces in residential quarters, that is, such a house only can meet the parking requirements of a general household car. Considering that some houses have two cars, in fact, most cars still have no parking spaces.


Demand Analysis

Parking type in residential area

In terms of the parking type, most residential communities mainly rely on outdoor parking and underground parking.

1. Outdoor parking: including parking on the planned parking lot and on the side of the residential road, in each resident, because it is the most convenient parking mode, some old residents originally planned parking spaces are few, some even without planning Therefore, it has to be parked on one side of the residential road to solve the shortage of temporary parking spaces. Due to the irregular management, it is often prone to vehicle damage and parking space occupation disputes. Another disadvantage of open-air parking is the need to occupy large areas of land. Based on the fact that residential parking is mostly long-term parking, it should not be the main method of residential parking.

2. Underground parking: It is the current type of residential parking lot construction and it is also a way to promote it in the future. Its advantage lies in not occupying land and making full use of the underground space of residential and green space. The facilities in the parking garage are also comprehensive and standardized. The parking spaces are sufficient, the shortcomings are obvious, the construction cost is high, the maintenance cost is high, reasonable planning and management are needed.


Project solution

1. For the residents, it is suggested that the residential can use the RFID Reader Based Long Range Parking Access Control System.

2. For the visitors, they can register from the guard booth, when the security register and confirm, they will open the boom.

COMA card reader is the combination of antenna and RFID card reader. It is compatible with passive RFID recognition standard ISO18000-6B and 6C/EPC G2. It can read and operate all the RFID tag based on above standard.

Power supply interface is DC12V,communication interface RS485. RS232 and USB is optional. It is widely used in car park, access control, ETC, intelligent traffic information system, logistic monitoring, etc..

There are 2 working mode: circulation and software control. Under the working mode of circulation, it can automatically read UID and upload via weigand interface and RS485 to achieve easy card reading.

 car parking solutions

In-out working process

VIP In-out(tag is fixed): it is auto-induction when car goes in and out without stop.

When the car comes to the entry or exit, the barrier will automatically rise up to allow access. After the car passes through the barrier, the barrier will fall down automatically. At the same time, the corresponding car plate No, card No, and entry time stored in the RFID tag will show and the data is stored in the management computer.


 Swing in-out: If the car anti-explosive film has a great impact for card reading, then the driver can open the window and swing the card at the distance around 2m from the card reader, or driver can slowly move forward at the distance of 5m and simultaneously reach the card out of window for reading. After reading, the barrier will open. After passing through, the barrier will automatically fall down.


1.60 degree card reading angle: Widely used in different places, no interference card reading problem.

2.Strong penetration:it can penetrate the anti-explosion film for 15 meters reading, 100% realization of 100% accessibility.

3.High stability: It can adapt to different environments, not affected by bad weather.

4.Easy installation, free of software