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Thailand 2 In 1 ANPR Parking System Nov 29, 2018

Warmly welcome the Thailand client came to visit our company. After the detailed introduction, they know more about Coma parking system solution and they were interested in our 2 in 1 ANPR system. COMA 2 IN 1 ANPR System

*2 IN 1 ANPR System Include:

1. HIKVISION or DAHUA ANPR camera with ANPR software on board,accuracy for Malaysia license plate is 97%(Can be improved continuously in the future)

2.Opening time 1.5S high speed barrier gate

3.Integrated LED display,voice prompt and supplement light



1. Condominium,just control the parking access, using white list function,only the license plate in the white list database can enter and leave(If don’t need to check the parking info, can work offline independently,without need the server and parking management system to support

2. Commercial parking lot,come with server and parking management system software

A. Collect the parking fee at exit manually(at the booth),need to use the

toll PC(workstation) which install our toll software


Payment confirmed, barrier gate will open

B. Collect parking fee at central payment point, toll interface is similar to the

above one

C. Collect the parking fee with automatic payment machine(APM) inside the parking

Lot Can accept Thai bank notes(max 5 denomination) and coins(max 3

denomination), given change max 2 types of bank notes and 2 types of coins

*Can develop bank card reader module and provide QR code to pay

automatic payment machine2 


*Can work with other system, for example, work with barcode ticket system

for those which license plate can not be recognized, can take a ticket

to enter and scan the ticket to pay at exit or central payment point or APM


*Typical wiring diagram

If want to know more about Coma parking system, kindly link here: www.coma-carparking.com