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Advertising Boom Barrier Gate And Card Dispenser Machine Of India Shopping Mall Project Jun 30, 2017

Warmly welcome our Indian clients came to visit us and discuss their Shopping Mall parking lot parking solution.

COMA advertising barrier gate.jpg

According to the customer's description , we suggest they use our Advertising boom barrier gate and our card dispenser machine.

access control system.jpg


COMA Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

advertising parking barrier.jpg

Advertising Boom Barrier Gate Feature:

1. steady function, sensitive reaction, low noise

2.The case shell is made of thickened steel which is shaped by 13 process flow. Without fading ,waterproofing, not rusty, durable.

3.high sensitive limit switch, pole can be instant turn on and off .accurate location.

4.control system adopts hi-tech digital chip technology.

5. the anti-collision function. Protecting the passenger

6. the inductive function ,with the digital vehicle detector

7.the movements adopts the most steady running mode –non-constant speed mode. Or the variable speed excogitation. (Slow – quick – slow ) .This function makes the operation steady and prolongs the working life.



COMA Card Dispenser Machine

Card dispenser machine.jpg


Card Dispenser Machine Feature:

1.     Heavy duty , well finished IP54 cabinet in luxury design

2.     Unmanned Entry

3.     Charge hourly parkers by manual-pay-station

4.     User-friendly LCD/LED and voice prompt

5.     Manual-pay-station, entry station ,exit station and PC work separately



If you want to know more about our Advertising Boom Barrier Gate and Card Dispenser Machine , please feel free to contact us.