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China Rapid Development Of Paid Parking Industry Amaze Our Friend From Uruguray Nov 26, 2017

We are very happy to meet our friend from Uruguray in COMA headquarter,China rapid development recent year give an impress impact to him,especially paid parking industry.


China parking access control system shift from card access control system to ANPR access control system,almost completed within 2 years,another china it is very hard to find card or barcode ticket access control system in China parking lot now


ANPR access control system(also call LPR access control system) have many advantage,

Ticketless parking fee management.


Increased security


Parking access automation


Car theft prevention


Prevention of “lost ticket”fraud




COMA have most advanced ANPR software and parking management system for car park, can supply the whole sets parking equipment and provide parking integrated solutions for oversea customer.

       Now our customers from Middle East,South East Asia,Europe,America etc,all satisfy our products and our solutions.

        Next customer, are you?

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