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COMA ANPR Parking System Jun 19, 2017

Warmly welcome our USA partner visit COMA,deepening cooperation on COMA ANPR system .ANPR parking system.jpg

This ANPR system will use in Mexico highway to help police to fight criminals which steal cars. COMA license plate recognition system is a high-end digital video using decomposition technology,achieve automatic identification plate number of vehicle management system,the system can be used in highway to record all the vehicle passing,also can be used in parking lot,without stopping car free access to parking lot,with ID/IC card parking management system in combination,to achieve plate number+card of dual data authentication multi-layer. The system is the most innovative car park management system,the most perfect system,stable and reliable;Recognition rate in the speed of 30km(about 20 miles) is over 98%,proven accuracy rate in over 45 countries and region.


Vehicle license plate recognition for parking lot



1.Vehicle arrives at the entrance

2.Entrance camera captures the vehicle image

3.Barrier gate opens

4.Enter to park



1.Vehicle arrives at the exit,ANPR system recognize the license plate number

2.Barrier gate will be opened automatically for monthly Parker,pass without stop

3.Timing system automatically calculate parking fee for temporary Parker,barrier gate will be opened once paid parking fee.

4.Exit the parking lot


If you want to know more about COMA ANPR system,please feel free to contact us.