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COMA Car Parking Management System Mar 17, 2017

COMA was well established as a solution provider of car parking management system at the beginning. To better control product quality, improve the performance of systems and lower the price to make the products more competitive, COMA made a decision to develop and produce its own complete sets of hardware products with softwares for its own systems. Now COMA does not only provide systems but also supply hardware products such as parking meters, auto pay stations, car access control units for systems. 

We have an excellent team of 20 engineers for R&D, including hardware,software,firmware and algorithm engineers, who can response to market demands quickly.

Founder and senior engineer of COMA, Mr.Liu

Successfully developed the car parking management system, auto pay station & parking meter.

Mr.Liu has been dedicated to the intelligent parking industry since 1996, and he has more than 20 years experience in this industry.