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COMA Parking Management System Is Your Best Option May 25, 2017

COMA parking management system is your best option

Iowa (KWQC) news,the new parking management system for entrance and exit has been up and running since January.The parking management system for entrance and exithas encountered some growing pains. Drivers have complained the automatic parking payment machine about confusing signs, confusing billing, and $30 parking.

The City has spent close to $350,000 upgrading its automatic pay station, because the old one was falling apart. Gone are the gates, in place, are kiosks and a mobile app. City records show people parking in the ramps have been confused and the City is trying to fix it.City records show there's been some confusion. Drivers said they couldn't find the parking payment kiosks, or weren't sure they were required to pay.

Use COMA parking management system for entrance and exit , make the Iowa problem no longer parking access control system.jpgparking card access system.jpg