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Congratulation !! COMA Will Move To New Headquarter In June!! May 23, 2018

Congratulation !! COMA Will Move to New Headquarter In June!!


With rapid development of business, COMA has to expand its office and production ability. We plan to build up two standard assembling line in new headquarter.


COMA enjoys great advantages as following:

1. Expertise in parking industry for 22 years

2. Original manufacturer, software and hardware developer

3. Competitive product ( Intelligent parking flap lock, automatic payment machine, high recognition for LPR system....)


COMA will focus on promoting its latest intelligent parking flap lock. Our R&D team has spent much time and energy on parking flap lock for years, and finally we acquire almost 10 national patents.


Due to tight parking space in city center, shopping mall and some on street area, especially for the outdoor and open area, the place where is hard to fence and manage. COMA intelligent parking flap lock can best solve parking difficulty, release and optimize the space. Meanwhile, it generates great revenue for owner. According to our study and calculation, the owner will cover its invest cost less than half a year.




Hot selling automatic payment machine is welcomed in Malaysia, Mexico, Slovenia, Australia ect..


Stable parking management system helps you manage parking lot easily!