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How Does Parking Meter Work? Dec 06, 2018

The composition, function and use of the meter

    Roads are a kind of resource and a kind of state-owned assets. Uninterrupted parking not only causes traffic congestion, but also a waste of resources. The occupation of roads without compensation is the occupation of state-owned assets, how to rationally allocate, use road resources and do a good job of standardized management. It is the key to solving the difficulty of parking and the disorder of parking management.

Meter 主图

1. System composition:

The vehicle temporary parking meter charging management system consists of a management computer, a card issuing machine, a handheld data collecting machine (portable computer), a meter and a parking card, and completes the parking time charging, the periodic income and expenditure settlement, and the parking card recharge and all. Management, etc.

2. Performance indicators:

The meter system is designed with low power consumption and wide voltage integrated circuit, which makes the whole product work in low power consumption and wide voltage mode. The power supply mode is powered by high energy battery and solar battery.

Operating temperature range: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C.

LCD Chinese display, mainly display prompt information, parking time, card balance, etc.

The red, green, and yellow color status indicators are used for supervisors to view and master the payment status.

Built-in large-capacity data storage, can store more than 1000 data records.

3. COMA Meter Features:

Anti-counterfeiting mechanism: The parking card uses an anti-counterfeit logic encryption IC card with a special identification code to encrypt important data and eliminate the imitation of the parking card.

Time limit control: The control can choose the longest parking time based on the balance of the charges on the parking card.

Timeout alarm: When the parked vehicle exceeds the set parking time, the meter will display a red message to inform the supervisor to take appropriate measures.

Additional parking time: When you think that the original parking time is not enough, you can add parking time within 30 minutes of the first punch.

Charges: Different charging standards (ie rates) can be set according to different cities and different times.

Each meter can manage two parking spaces for timekeeping and data record keeping.


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