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How Many Parts Of Roadside Parking System? Dec 25, 2018

Roadside parking system is an important part of smart city transportation system and the best way to solve urban problems. Smart roadside parking system can greatly reduce urban traffic congestion, reduce the passage time of intersections, reduce road occupation, reduce pollution and reduce noise. Improve the reuse rate of parking facilities, which is mainly used for comprehensive and effective control and management of all parking lots in the city. Using various websites, broadcasting, large-screen display, APP, mobile device push, in-vehicle equipment, etc., it is convenient for the driver to find the location and information of the parking lot, and monitor and count the information of the parking lot to make the management of the parking lot more standardized. Orderly, improve parking space utilization.

The on-street parking system consists of four parts: a data collection system, Data transmission system, Data management system, and Data distribution system.


1. Data collection system

The data information collection system of each parking space collects information in real time by using the information equipment of each parking space device for daily parking space, import and export time, peak time, parking time, etc., mainly using electronic equipment statistics. Use the Internet data collection and integration to make the corresponding database.


2, data transmission system

This system is a bridge connecting the parking space and the management center. Because the parking lot is relatively scattered, the data transmission is very important, mainly through cable, supplemented by wireless, because wireless is prone to delay, resulting in data lag, and cable transmission comparison. Security wired and wireless transmissions complement each other to prevent a series of unexpected situations.


3. Data Management System

The data management system is the center of the whole system, the brain, the CPU, receiving, storing, processing the real-time data information transmitted by each parking lot and establishing data channels with other electronic platforms to release information, mainly to realize the information of each parking lot. The sharing and processing of cloud data facilitates the public to query, can navigate the owner of the car, add real-time query of the parking space and perform functions such as data statistics, analysis, query and retrieval.


4, data release system

Data is collected, transmitted and processed into the whole process of display. The display is the ultimate goal. Therefore, the release of data is particularly important. Data publishing is a bridge between data and citizens. It is mainly used to display parking information and parking for users. Convenience. Through various websites, broadcast, large-screen display, APP, mobile devices, etc., data information is distributed, and various information is cross-transferred to cover all corners of the city.