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How To Choose Boom Barrier Gate? May 17, 2017

There are three mian types of boom barrier gate, straight arm, folding arm and fence arm.

So how to choose the right type?

a) Straight arm- suitable for broad area without height limitation


1. Straight up to 6M in general, can be customized. 

2. If the straight arm is too long, easy to bend and deformation during transport, and air express requirements of arm length can not exceed 3M, telescopic rod generally consists of two sections, each section of the 3M, the maximum can be extended to 5.3M.

arm barrier.jpg

b) Folding arm- suitable for the place with height limitation such as underground parking lot

1. Folding type up to 6M, in general use of underground garage, can be customized.

aluminum barrier arm gate.jpg

c) Fence arm- suitable for the place with the ban of animals.

1. The maximum length of the fence typ is 4.5M

arm barrier gate.jpg

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