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How To Choose The Barrier Gate Of The Parking Lot Management System Nov 27, 2018

The parking lot barrier gate is an important part of the parking lot management system. Parking lot barrier gates, for the general open-air and large traffic lots, the performance requirements are more stringent. The long-term work efficiency and stability of the parking lot gates become the key. On the other hand, the parking gate is an external device of the parking system, and new requirements are imposed on the overall external image of the parking system.

 barrier 1

So how do we choose a beautiful and durable parking barrier?

The general parking lot management system pays attention to the following principles when choosing gates:


1. The shell is sturdy and durable, waterproof and rust-proof.

2. Anti-smashing car function.

3. Emergency situations such as power outages, convenient manual operation

4. Internal torque structure rust prevention

5The gate is beautiful and easy to see


However, while considering the details of the parking lot gates, we must also consider the parking lot gates. Because the parking lot management system gate is a smart device and long-term work occasionally causes malfunction. Choosing a business with excellent technology and thoughtful after-sales service has also become a major consideration in choosing a parking lot.



Let's share the barrier process of COMA below:

A. The outer casing is made of cold-rolled steel of 45# or more, and the thickness is above 2MM. The painting is made of automotive metal paint, so that it can be waterproof and rust-proof, durable, stable and stable.

B. Anti-smashing car function

The sense of ground protection: the sense of connection between the gates and the gates, when the car is under the gates, even if the gates are mishandled, the gates will not fall, avoiding the brakes of the gates; rebounding when the barriers are encountered: when the gates are hit by the brakes, the brakes Will automatically rebound, so as to avoid the brakes.

C. After the power failure, you can use the key to open, manually shake the gate and release the vehicle.

D. The internal torque is easy to rust for a long time. Once the rusting gate is close to scrapping, the torque surface of our company is made of magnesium-plated aluminum alloy, which will rust inside for 10 years.

E. There is a flashing light on the upper and lower of the brake rod. It is clearly visible at night and when the line of sight is not good. It reduces the collision of the car. The brake bar is made of soft plastic rounded edge and the middle is made of aluminum alloy, even the car and the brake lever. There is contact, it will not leave any trace to the car. The light weight of the brake rod is small, which will extend the life of the motor.

barrier 3