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Bahrain Port Project Nov 21, 2018


Our Company license plate recognition and container recognition system for Bahrain Port work with SGS will be implemented soon.

COMA provides the complete set of customized Middle East license plate recognition and container number recognition solutions for the new port of Bahrain.



After the Chinese Spring Festival holiday of 2019, our engineers will fly to Bahrain project site to provide the supports of equipment installating and system commissioning for half of month.



The license plate recognition and container number recognition are the professional system solutions in our company.

ANPR solution for parking

ANPR parking system is a a reliable, accurate and cost effective off-street car park management solution. Drivers do not need to stop to swipe card, which is a great convenience. It is widely used in many places, including supermarkets, retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centre and sea port etc



Ticketless parking fee management.

Increased security

Parking access automation

Car theft prevention

Prevention of "lost ticket"fraud

How ANPR(also known as LPR) car parking system works

1.Entrance procedure

A vehicle stops in front of the entrance's barrier. The sensor detects its presence and a dedicated camera recognizes and records the number plate automatically , include the date and time of entry. The remote management system captures the data provided by the camera and enters it into the database. If registered, the subscriber's membership information and reservation data are added. The entrance barrier rises allowing the driver access to the car park. The barrier lays down automatically once vehicle passes the safety sensor.

2.Exit procedure

A vehicle stops at the the exit's barrier. The sensor detects its presence and the dedicated camera verifies the number plate against payment information, or the listing of the vehicle on the database (e.g. subscribers). The management system validates correct payment, or entitlement to park without payment to enable exit. The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the car park. The barrier lowers automatically once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.




COMA has always led the industry because of our focus and professionalism.