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Malaysia Parking Management System Jun 15, 2017

Warmly welcome the Malaysia clients . We have a detailed discussion with client for cooperation of parking management system and reach agreement finally. We will supply them the new parking management system.

Malaysia Parking management system.jpg

This parking system including the new generation wireless geomagnetic sensor,the intelligent parking lock operation control system and the Intelligent charging terminal (Parking meter).

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Wireless geomagnetic

wireless geomagnetic sensor.jpg

Intelligent charging terminal (Parking meter)

parking meter.jpg

Parking Lock

parking lock.jpg

Operation flow

1.Vehicles park in the parking spaces and is detected by geomagnetic magnetic sensor.

2.Then parking lock automatically lift up to lock the vehicle.

3.Before leaving, the parker inputs the space No.for parking payment.

4.After payment, the lock goes down, and the vehicle is allowed to leave.