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New Design Parking Management System For Malaysia Clients Nov 28, 2018

Coma warmly welcome the Malaysia clients to our company. We have a discussion with client for the ANPR parking system and the automatic payment terminal. We detailed discussed the new automatic payment machine.

Automatic Payment Machine( APM )

  • Can work with parking system as central payment machine inside the parking lot

  • Can work with share flap parking lock,to collect the parking fee

  • Module design,flexible to add the modular we want to use(bank card reader module, local transportation card,mobile payment etc)

    *need to integrate it

  • Support over 120 countries and regions currency(bank notes and coins) (Accept and given changes)

  • Support to read parking card,scan barcode ticket,input license plate number to pay

  • Elegant design,come with Video Intercom and UPS power supply

  • Support network, can integrate into existing parking system with the C#SDK we provide.

Here are the new design automatic payment machine displays.

automatic payment machine2

Features of New Design

* Two Doors design(front door and back door),more safe for payment, more convenient to maintainance

* 2.0mm thickness steel structure,more robust,more safe

* Code lock for all the money box, the one who do maintainance can not touch the money inside the APM

* Available Video Intercom function

* UPS power supply

* Updated controller and system software

* Bank card payment & mobile payment are available for dedicated countries and regions

automatic payment machine3

If want to know more about Coma parking system, kindly link here: www.coma-carparking.com