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Parking Meter 50% Off On Sale Aug 02, 2017

In order to thanks the domestic customers long-term support, COMA held the customer meeting. This is the first time and it had a perfect ending.

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 Introduce COMA  to our customers

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 Show customers the operation of our product

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Discuss cooperation with customers

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Sign a new cooperation S

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Signing customers at that day

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To thanks the foreign customers, the new generation parking meter 50% off to sale.

Activity end time: August 31st





COMA new generation Parking meter

parking meter.jpg





1. Fully solar powered , low power consumed, eco-friendly 

2.Sturdy all -weather body, water proof, dust proof, anti-corrosion.

3.More durable, easy to operate.

4.Separate cash box for security purpose.

5.Module design for easy maintenance, malfunction self check

6.Openness to integrate with e-payment, credit card payment, integration with other parking equipment, like geomagnetic sensors, parking flap lock.


Technical parameter


Weight:75-80kg, depending on configuration

Power supply:220V/110V

Operating temperature:-40- +75

Relative humidity: Up to 97%

Alphanumerical keypad: Optional

Buttons:4 buttons(  √ X)/customizable

Communication:GSM/GPRS/3G/4G, LAN

Card reader: Chip or magnetic card reader

Bill acceptance: Ability to accept several types of bills. Bill cannister available in different capacities

Coin validator: Programmable coin types

Printer: Thermal printer, issuing up to 1000 tickets per refill