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The Parking System Preliminary Purchase Intention of Russian Clients Dec 17, 2018

Warmly welcome Russian clients to visit COMA company and have a detailed discussion for commercial parking system. With our professional introduction and the customized solutions, our clients have reach Preliminary purchase intention for the ticket parking system, RFID system and the automatic bollard.



Our clients plan to install the 2 types parking system in the resident basement parking and the entrance.

The ticket system is suitable for the entrance for the visitors.

Entry barcode ticket dispenser car parking access control system, is applied to parking lot with a lot of visitors. The cost of barcode ticket is reasonable, and can dispense up to 2,500pcs of bar code ticket for one refill.

The visitor presses the button to get a bar code ticket, then before leaving, visitor passes the bar code ticket to the toll collector for scanning. After scanning, the parking fee is shown on the computer. After payment, the visitor is allowed to leave.

Ticket system(2)

RFID system is suitable for the residential owners.

Residential owner In-out(tag is fixed):it is auto-induction when car goes in and out without stop.

When the car comes to the entry or exit, the barrier will automatically rise up to allow access. After the car passes through the barrier, the barrier will fall down automatically. At the same time, the corresponding car plate No, card No, and entry time stored in the RFID tag will show and the data is stored in the management computer.

Swing in-out: If the car anti-explosive film has a great impact for card reading, then the driver can open the window and swing the card at the distance around 2m from the card reader, or driver can slowly move forward at the distance of 5m and simultaneously reach the card out of window for reading. After reading, the barrier will open. After passing through, the barrier will automatically fall down.


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