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Remote Control Car Parking Lock Mar 17, 2017

This automatic parking barrier/parking blocker protects and secures your car parking space. widely used in the parking lot of  Hotel, Apartment, Airport, Supermarket etc. It operates with remote control (RC) and rechargeable battery. Simple to install and easy to use.

O type car parking lock.jpg


 1. Body of parking barrier

 The cover is made of A3 steel, which can bear the greatest weight 2000KG, if you have special requirements can be modified to enhance the structure strength.


2. Indicator light

 With one indicator light in the front of the lid for show the state of operating:

 a. The indicator will show a red light when the barrier is working normally.

 b. The indicator will flash continually show the battery voltages is low. Pleases recharge in

time in order to extend battery's life.


 3. Crash resistance

 If the barrier arm is forced down when in the upper position, the beeper will beep. When the barrier arm is released it will return to the upper position and running normally.


 4. Object sensing

 The power will be cut off automatically when the parking barrier senses that excessive force is being exerted on barrier arm


5. Energy saving

 After one minute without use the barrier switches itself to the energy saving mode.


6. Water-proof(IP54)

 Processed for motor, main parts so that they have water-proof feature.


7. Manual expatiation for emergency

 If the battery voltage is too low the barrier can be manually operated.