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The Parking System Project Of Serbia Clients Dec 04, 2018

We have a discussion with engineer for the project of Serbia customers. The project is about the 4 entrance and 4 exit ticket system and 8 set automatic payment machine. 

Here ar the working operation of the ticket system and  the automatic payment machine.


Working process for Ticket system


1. LED display gives word welcome

2.Voice prompt reminds driver to take a ticket,

3.Driver presses the button to get a bar code ticket in the entrance ticket machine.


4.After the driver takes the ticket, the barrier gate will open automatically, then the driver can drive his car into the parking lot.

5.When the vehicle detector cannot detect a car's coming, the control cabinet and barrier will never start working, in this case, even a man press the green button, the entrance ticket machine will never dispense a ticket.


1.LED display gives word to driver

2.The ticket should be passed to toll collector if there is charge at the exit.

3.After payment, the barrier gate will open automatically, then the driver can drive his car out of the parking lot.


Picture illustrating the process 1) Exit payment method 2)Center payment method

Ticket system(3)


Automatic payment machine feature:

1. Can work with parking system as central payment machine inside the parking lot

2. Can work with share flap parking lock,to collect the parking fee

3. Module design,flexible to add the modular we want to use(bank card reader module, local transportation card,mobile payment etc)

* need to integrate it

4. Support over 120 countries and regions currency(bank notes and coins) (Accept and given changes)

5. Support to read parking card,scan barcode ticket,input license plate number to pay

6. Elegant design,come with Video Intercom and UPS power supply

7. Support network, can integrate into existing parking system with the C#SDK we provide.

2in1 ANPR(3)