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What Is RFID Access Control System? Nov 22, 2018

As a new modern security management system, the access control system integrates automatic identification technology and computer control information management measures, involving electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and many other technologies.

With the development of automatic identification technology, RFID access control management system has become a major component of security systems, widely used in industrial automation, commercial automation, transportation control management and many other fields. The access control system based on radio frequency identification technology is the development direction of the future access control system construction.

Personnel access control attendance management system integrates RFID technology, image recognition technology, network technology, video capture technology and other technologies into one, to achieve enterprise employee access control, attendance integration, digital management, the system has photo intelligent comparison function, the system through the image The acquisition device captures and stores the image when the person swipes the card and compares the photos with the system database. Successfully eliminating the phenomenon of employee card swiping provides the most reliable data support for the reasonable attendance management of the enterprise, and maximizes the security supervision of the enterprise.


The RFID access control management system consists of an access control machine (integrated with a reader/writer, a controller), an identification card, a computer, and an electromagnetic lock. Generally, the form of the access control system is divided into two types. One is that when the employee passes the access control system, the card (RFID electronic tag) worn on the body is aimed at the infrared rays of the access control machine, and the door is automatically opened. The other is RFID UHF remote access control system. By installing UHF readers and ultra-high frequency electronic tags worn by employees, the door can be opened and closed, and the identification card is read. It is completely intelligent and automatic, saving time by no need for workers to operate. The cost of the second type of RFID access control system is relatively high, and the choice of these two forms depends on the specific needs of the enterprise.