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What Is The City Parking Guidance Information System? Jan 29, 2019

  The city Parking guidance information system, (referred to as PGIS) is the intelligent networked data uploading through the intelligent parking technology and the parking lot scattered throughout the park, realizing the real-time release of the parking data of each parking lot, guiding the driver to realize convenient parking. An intelligent system that solves the problem of difficult parking in cities.


The system includes a large parking lot parking intelligent guidance system and a city parking guidance system. It is a multi-level information release as a carrier, providing real-time information on the location, number of vehicles, and empty status of the parking lot (library), guiding the driver to stop. system. It adjusts the unevenness of time and space distribution of parking demand, improves the use of parking facilities, reduces road traffic caused by finding parking lots, reduces waiting time for parking, improves the efficiency of the entire transportation system, and improves parking lots. The operating conditions and the economic vitality of the commercial area play an important role.


Intelligent parking and induction system.

The intelligent parking and induction system can improve the efficiency of driver parking and reduce the traffic congestion and energy consumption caused by parking difficulties, including two aspects: First, the release of relevant parking lots, parking spaces and parking route guidance for travel citizens. Information to guide the driver to the designated parking area; second, the electronic management of parking, to achieve parking space reservation, identification, automatic timing charges.

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