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What Is The Parking Guidance Management System? Dec 20, 2018

Parking guidance management system can make parking convenient and fast, monitor parking Spaces, so as to make parking space management more standardized and orderly, and improve the utilization rate of parking Spaces.

Parking space detection in the parking lot adopts ultrasonic detection or video license plate recognition technology to reliably detect the occupancy or idle status of each parking space.

The ultrasonic detector or video detector installed on the top of each parking space can detect whether the vehicle is parked in the parking space. The management system collects all the detection information into the system in real time, and the system feeds the guidance information back to each guidance indicator signal device in real time through the computer.


The principle is using vehicle detectors to obtain parking space occupancy information in real time. The central controller displays the display screen and the guide card according to the predefined parking strategy. The user can simply to park according to the instructions.


The parking space guidance system is divided into several modules: parking space data detection module, central processing module, information release module, and information display module. The core of this technology lies in parking space detection and logical judgment.


Parking guidance system can be divided into: license plate recognition, ultrasonic detection, infrared detection, ground sense coil detection, etc.


By detecting the parking status of each parking space in the parking lot, the parking status information is uploaded to the data converter through the manager, and then the data converter is integrated into the guiding monitoring system to analyze and process the parking status data, and in the guiding information screen ( LED) publishes empty parking spaces and guides drivers to quickly find parking spaces for easy parking.