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What Is The Parking Management System? Dec 13, 2018

The parking lot management system is a set of network system that manages the entrance and exit of vehicles, the guidance of traffic flow in the parking lot and the collection of parking fees through computers, network equipment and lane management equipment.It is a professional parking management company necessary tools.By collecting and recording the vehicle access record and the location of the field, it realizes the comprehensive management of the vehicle access and the dynamic and static of the field vehicle.At present, a wide range of optical digital lens license plate recognition methods are used to replace the traditional RF card charging. The induction card records the vehicle entry and exit information. The charging strategy, charging accounting management, lane equipment control and other functions are completed by management software.

Lane control equipment is the key equipment of parking lot system, the interface of data interaction between vehicle and system, and the key equipment to realize friendly user experience.Therefore, many people directly understand "lane control equipment" as "parking lot system", and many professional equipment providers confuse the two in the introduction materials.In fact, lane management equipment only belongs to a module unit of parking lot management system, and there are essential differences between them.

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