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What Is The Residential Temporary Parking Of Entrance And Exit Process Jan 17, 2019

For Temporary parking 

Entrance system description

1) the driver drives the car to the card reader;

2) the attendant enters the license plate number through the keyboard;

3) the driver presses the card out button located on the card reader's disk surface to get the card;

At the same time, the entrance control machine has automatically read and written the IC card. When the camera reads the card, it takes pictures of the entrance of the car and automatically stores them into the computer.

4) the display screen of the card reader displays polite language and sends out voice synchronously;

5) when the barrier gate is opened, the driver drives in;

6) the gate will close automatically after entering.


Exit system description

1) the driver drives the car to the exit toll office;

2) hand the IC card to the attendant;

3) The attendant shakes the IC card in the sensing area of the toll collector. The camera captures the image of the exit of the car at the moment of reading the card, and automatically adjusts the image of the entrance to double image comparison, and simultaneously deposits the two images into the computer. If the confirmation is correct, the charging computer will automatically charge according to the charging program; the charging result will be automatically displayed on the computer and on the display screen, and voice prompts will be given;

4) The driver pay the billing;

5) the attendant presses the computer button to confirm, and the computer automatically records the amount received;

6) the display screen displays "goodbye" and gives voice prompt;

7) the barrier gate is opened and vehicles exit;

8) the gate will close automatically after car out.

Ticket system(3)