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​What Is The Self-service Payment Machine? Dec 11, 2018

The self-service automatic payment machine is an unmanned intelligent charging system that can realize automatic zeroing function.

The parking lot self-service payment machine is an unmanned intelligent charging system, which completely replaces the manual charging, realizes temporary card charging, monthly card deferred charging, monthly card expiration charging and realizes automatic change function. The payment machine can work in both networked mode and offline mode. In the network mode, the management center can receive the working status of the machine in time so that it can be maintained in time after the self-service payment machine fails.


COMA new design payment machine

Features of New Design

* Two Doors design(front door and back door),more safe for payment, more convenient to maintainance

* 2.0mm thickness steel structure,more robust,more safe

* Code lock for all the money box, the one who do maintainance can not touch the money inside the APM

* Available Video Intercom function

* UPS power supply

* Updated controller and system software

* Bank card payment & mobile payment are available for dedicated countries and regions.

2in1 ANPR(3)

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