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Why Your Car Parking Barrier Do Not Work Aug 01, 2017

Car parking barrier is one of the most important part of access control system.

Most car parking barrier in car parking barrier system is the automatic car park barriers.

If the barke bar of car parking barrier does not move,the parking lot system will be crash.

car parking barrier.jpg

The brake bar doesn't work may be the following reasons:

1.No power supply or the voltage is wrong.

Check the car parking barrier power supply or supply voltage is with in ± 5% of the rated voltage.

2.The fuse on the control box is blown 

Check and replace.

3.Poor wiring

Find out the poor wiring place and fix it.

4.The control box is broken

Replace the control box

5.The brake pin between the spindle and the swing arm is damaged or dislocated.

Adjust the position and re-fix it

Tips:Please cut off the power when the barrier gate did not work,or the control box will burnout.

How to prevent this situation happen:

1.Periodic inspection of equipment.

2.Buy your car park barrier from COMA

COMA have been producing parking device since 1996.Our car park barrier hot sale all over the world.