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Coma parking management card system with APM is a set of parking system, the automated payment machine, or can also be called auto pay station, pay on foot station, or pay and display machine, is set up on the way to parking lot exit or other proper location.

Bluetooth gateway control long range car parking system Guangzhou Coma Ltd.offers a reliable range of automated access control systems tailored to car park application.

Card reader parking lot management vehicle control system, is applied to parking lot with visitors. The visitor presses the button to get a bar code ticket, then before leaving, visitor passes the bar code ticket to the toll collector for scanning. After scanning, the parking fee is shown on the computer. After payment, the visitor is allowed to leave.

The tyre spike when go down or go up, meet the resistance from the outside force, it 'll reset itself, going to the original way, so that protect the control panel's function

Coma provide a set of the parking guidance system for the parking lot